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Commentary on Iran and their Recently held Elections


Since the inception of our blog back in February, our posts have dealt with the nonsensical of the light-hearted persuasion. While that will continue to be the case, I wanted to put up a post with a more serious tone, but consistent with the nonsensical "theme." I'd like to opine on Iran - specifically, the recently held elections. Simply put, the world has to support the citizens of Iran who are standing up to the Iranian regime. The fact that leadership in Iran has largely been left to do as it pleases is complete nonsense. The tone at the top? President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Holocaust-denier and nuclear aspirant. The dangers are plain to see, but like most things, the world prefers to take reactive approaches to things - positive or negative.

The clear fact that the voting for the most recent elections have been rigged should speak volumes for the type of people in power. These are the actions of (dangerous) dictatorial governments. Mobile phone communications were interrupted in Tehran on election day and the BBC has stated that “heavy electronic jamming" was being used to halt their satellite broadcasts - violating international treaties on satellite communication. On 23 May 2009, the Iranian government temporarily blocked access to Facebook across the country. reported that this move was a response to the use of Facebook by candidates running against the incumbent Ahmadinejad.

A major deception that is often made with tyrannical regimes is that they are a "democracy". Ahmadinejad has often boasted about how his country is a democracy that holds elections and gives equal rights to all people. This is obvious nonsense. A democracy doesn't exist when the people fear the government, where barber shops are closed because the stylists are providing "contemporary" haircuts, where homosexuals are hung in public. Bloggers are being jailed, tortured, and killed. If I were to be an Iranian, writing this blog, I would very likely die in jail. Can you imagine if Republicans and Democrats were killing off each others candidates and senate members and congressmen marched the streets with guns and killed each other off?

True democratic elections cannot be held where the people fear death if they vote for the wrong person. Shortly prior to the recent elections in Iran, it was reported that the remaining Jews in Iran were going to vote for Ahmadinejad. Surprising? The reason is because they need to flow with the consensus. If they choose opposition, this could mean persecution. Regardless, it should be noted that the true leader of Iran is the Ayatollah, and pretty much, whatever the Ayatollah says, goes. In this past election in Iran, there were other politicians that wanted to run for election, but could not because they need the blessing from the Ayatollah.

The world, especially the US, needs to recognize and support the progressive Iranians that are standing up Ahmadinajad's radical regime. These are the citizens that realize where Iran's leadership is taking them. Having the rest of the world just sit on her hands is just asking for defeat. People are risking their lives to draw attention to the madness - we cannot turn a blind eye. Doing nothing is nonsense.

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