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Nonsense Drivers of the Road


We all get frustrated when driving.  ...Doesn't matter if we drive casually, if we drive as part of our daily commute, or only when renting a car on vacation.  The frustration is usually instigated by heavy traffic, or stupid ass drivers.  

Here is a list of chronic offenders:

Women - I cannot truly describe how bad women are at driving.   I could not tell you the amount of times I used to drive to work and see women in the car putting on makeup - ON THE HIGHWAY!   Not to mention the constant breaking, wheel jerking and slow driving.  Yes, the speed limit says 55, but guys know that this is more of a "guideline" and anything over 70 is really where you start to gamble with law enforcement.

When I am asked to parallel park or pull into a spot for a woman, that says something.  But for some reason, men have to pay more for car insurance.  How can that be? [Editor: because men like to drink and drive].

Now granted, not all women are bad drivers (e.g., Danica Patrick), but let me just say that women are MUCH better at "riding" than "driving"...if know what I mean ;) ;)

Senior Citizens - I totally understand that when you get old, you hate to "not be able to do things for yourself."  ...Totally understandable.  But let me say this seniors, driving is not one of those things.  When you have trouble hearing the person on the other end of the phone or have trouble reading text, why the hell should you be allowed to drive?  I mean, I would have to try with all my might to drive as slow as seniors.  And they cause the worst accidents.  Whenever there's a crazy news article about a driver mowing down a sidewalk of people, or crashing through a store, 9 times out of 10, its an oldie.  Old people and Asians are probably tied for the worst drivers.  

Asians - Asian drivers make the phrase "Asian car" an oxymoron.  Considering how awful Asian drivers are across the board, I am dumbfounded by the quality craftsmanship Asian car manufacturers produce.  I have always been able to tell from far away when someone is an Asian driver.  They seriously do the dumbest things.  Left turn signal to make a right; 8 attempts to parallel park; wont turn left when having to yield on a green light (they'll even move up to the middle of the intersection to turn and once the light hits yellow, they wont go -thus blocking traffic.  And when they try and back up, they most likely back into you.)  

If you are driving near or around a female, Asian senior citizen, you have single-handedly created a life threatening situation for yourself.  

Cabbies - Just all around the most annoying (and smelly) of all drivers on the road.  Since living in New York and on a fairly bustling street, I realize that I will have to deal with traffic sounds.  But the level of honking dished out by cabbies in major cities is just preposterous.  Here's a tip cab driver: less honk, more deodorant.  

Men - Only to be fair, I must speak to my own kind.  On average, I do consider us to be the best drivers, but that doesn't mean we don't have our share of douche bag drivers.  I cannot stand the: 
  • guys who constantly change lanes in traffic thus causing the people behind to break and further slow down traffic
  • guys who play music so loud that people three states away can hear, 
  • guys who take 2 spots to park their brand new Pontiac (Women do double park out of incompetence, not to "protect" their 15k automobile purchase) 

While I know that there are other demographics that could be included, I will end here.   


Anonymous said...

African American Females...They have no idea. and are definately chatting on with an earphone headset (not bluetooth)

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