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Chicago Weather

Lindsay and I just returned last night from a trip to Chicago.  All in all, we had a wonderful time.  In fact, it was Lindsay's first time to Chicago and the Midwest as a whole [Editor: that's so weird].  Anyway, I decided to throw up a quick post because there is something of extreme nonsense that I want to bring up: Chicago Weather.

Now as most of you know, I live in NY, but I'm a Chicagoan til the Chicago ends [Kanye West).  The number one thing holding me back from returning to the Chi is the awful weather.  As I type this, the snow is coming down in Chicago...ITS APRIL!  My friend Loren put it perfectly by saying, "an inch of depression fell."  On Friday and Saturday it was nice and sunny, although not terribly mild.  Sunday?  How about a 20 degree drop in temperature and rain turning into snow.  I mean, the White Sox home opener was canceled the day before the game!  Its like the owners were like, "Fuggit, not even worth trying to play."  

When it is actually "summer" in Chicago, it is a hard city to beat.  But for the other 10 months of the year (yes, slight exaggeration), Chicago is hard to handle.  The volatility of Chicago weather is similar to volatility the stock market has been experiencing since last October [Editor: You're a dork].   Unfortunately, the volatility of Chicago's weather does not look like it will stabilize any time soon.  



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