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A Letter to Somali Pirates


Dear Somali Pirates,       

I have to give you fellas credit.  How do you witness your fellow pirates get sniped by some bad ass Navy Seals (while the boat is bobbing in the water, nonetheless), and then decide it would be a good idea to, without delay, hijack another ship?!  Where is the motivation in that?  Call me a bitch, but if I saw someone in my line of work “get got” doing what I do for a living, I would be changing my line of work EEEEE-miately!  Maybe you should start farming?  I’m sure the people of your country could use more food.

Best Regards,

Poor Man’s Caviar


ba$ said...

LOL at this's my gripe with this Somali pirate issue:
1.) How do "pirates" even exist in this modern age? Is this shit the new Barbary coast?
2.) How many boats need to get hijacked before people stop bringing their ships near the Somali coast?
3.) This better stop or I'm cancelling my post-bar trip to Mogadishu.

Call me crazy, but I'm not sailing my yacht near the Somali coast anytime soon, and unless I have several million invested in some business venture I would avoid that place like the plague...and if I did have that much money invested I'd hire a couple assholes to patrol the deck with Uzis.

Jeanyus said...

Hilarious comment

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