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Security Verification Words - Are You Kidding Me?!


Shout out to my buddy Don for suggesting this topic.  Don, I could not agree with you more.
Security verification words on websites - what a load of CRAP!  I mean, who came up with this genius idea to require users to enter unrecognizable words or text to gain access to a website?  I guess the words or text are not that hard to decipher...IF YOU ARE ROBOCOP or on (insert drug of choice here).  Its actually a great idea if you don't want ANY users to gain access to your website.     I have LITERALLY missed out on concert tickets on Ticketmaster because I could not determine their security words.   Are there like special glasses I need that no one gave me the heads up on? 

Why the f*ck don't words just show up in plain readable font?  Listen, I totally understand wanting to prevent fraud, hackers, unauthorized access -  but for the love of black Jesus, use words like "Car" or "Tree", not .  $50 if anyone can tell me what the first word is ...And is that an accent over the "e" in odeon?!  How do you even type that?! Unfuckinbelievable.

Hey, I wont say that its IMPOSSIBLE for me to decipher the words or text that I see on different sites, but I also have pretty damn good vision.  It also helps when I luck out with an easily viewable word.  But why is it like playing the raffle to see if you get words or texts that you can actually read?  Why is it that on the same site, they sometimes give you plain 4 letter words and other times, you get NONSENSE!  "Rhinoceroshead"...I mean, WTF! 

And what about old people?  Do they just miss out on access to a large chunk of the Internet? Although, how funny would it be to see some old granny beat the shit out of her PC (or Macs, for all you manginas out there) out of frustration, because she wasn't able to complete her order of Metamucil from

I know everyone reading this can feel me on this.  I tell ya, complete effing nonsense.



Lil Round said...

seriously dude. they're so annoying! i think that Ticketmaster would be sophisticated enough to come up with a better way to prevent hacking...
omg and the best thing ever is that in order to post this comment, i have to enter a verification word! and that word is "gosili". unreal.

Coz said...


I'll be expecting $50 from Adam next time he's in Chicago.

RKA said...

Metamucil on Amazon!?! I just ordered a case. My 30 year old wife says I need to stay regular. Gotta keep the eyes peeled for the good deals during these tough economic times.

- Larry King

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