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My Hair(y) Lady


This blog post topic is about body hair, scientifically known as androgenic hair. This topic was recommended by my good pal, Loren, and therefore written in his honor – one of the hairiest friend I know; Actually, my hairiest friend.

But Loren did not give me any other direction. He left the artistic canvas fairly open. So I pondered and pondered, trying to figure out which way to go. Do I write about how nonsensical hairy dudes must think it to be, the copious amount of body hair bestowed upon them? Do I write about how nonsensical it is that there are women out there who think the more body hair the more they are turned on? Or what about the opposite? Women with, ...ahem, semblance of a woolly mammoth.

So here goes a ADD inspired survey of body hair.

Now, I wont say that body hair is complete nonsense, because we DID evolve from apes. However, what is crazy, is the disparity in amount of body hair between people – even those within the same ethnic background. I mean, I can’t think of another species where this holds true. Its not like you see a type of horse that is WAAAY hairier than another horse of the same kind. Why is it that I have a small patch of hair on my chest, cannot even grow a legitimate beard in at age 27, yet someone like my buddy Loren has permanent Jumpin Jammerz
Why is it that if you are a short bald man, chances are your body is covered in fur?

Side note memory: I can recall this morning several years back when I was getting to leave for work and was getting my coat from the closet. It was early in the morning and pretty dark in the condo. As I am getting said coat, I hear Loren’s bedroom door open and peer over, only to witness a naked sasquatch come out and sneak into the bathroom. No joke, it was full on big foot.

Ok, so, I know all you literaries (Editor: Is that a real word?) out there reading this are saying, “Dude, body hair is all about testosterone levels, hormones and genetics.” Well I say, “Its still nonsense.” I mean, a woman with a facial hair? WTF?! Have any of you seen a lioness with a full mane of hair?

I guess I’m not really sure where I am going with this other than to say that I’m dumbfounded by the differences in the amount of body hair people have.


Daniel said...

I'm proud of your blogging abilities. I really LOLed.

潘云闲 said...

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